Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby - Kings of N.W.O.C - Crosby, TX
Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby - "Restoring the Foundation of Man"
Kings of  Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby
Become a King of N.W.O.C
Thank you and God  Bless you
 We are 100% Donate Based
Our facility accommodates 4-8 residents for the period of 90 days
The facility is free to the Residents who reside for 90 days,
it offers a place for comfort and restoration
That's $50.00/day/24hr a day to cover lodging, food, salaries and course material.
        These members listed have given graciously to support our cause with "Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby" through sponsorship and donations             
* Mt Rose C.O.G.I.C Church  Barrett Station, Texas

*Mr. Christopher Lawrence*

 *Mr and Mrs Steve Hightower*

 *Mr. and Mrs Lloyd Hanks*

* Mrs. Cheryl Duncan* 

*Mr. and Mrs. Robert Nunnmaker* 

**Wilson Security Concepts, LLC**

 *Mr. and Mrs Leo Sprinkle* 

 * Mrs.Lesley Savoy-Green*  
  * Ms. Leona Noble*   

 *Mr. Charles Moody Cell Group*       

* Mr. Henry Hadnot*     

* Mr and Mrs Andre Scott *    

*Pastor and Mrs. Ed Reynolds*


 *Mr. John White*
*Mrs. Hollyann Powell*

*Dr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Murphy * 

*Mrs Mabel Menefee*
  *All Cell Group Members of Mt. Rose who contributed *

_Mr.and Mrs Steve Smith*

* Mr.Errol Jones*
*Mr.and Mrs Leonard Watson*

*Sister Queen Phillips*

*Rev. and Mrs. Ralph Walton*
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