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Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby - "Restoring the Foundation of Man"

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Dear Potential Member:
It is an honor to extend this invitation to you to become an active member in Nehemiah’s Wall of Crosby, a non-profit, faith base chemical dependency  recovery program for men who are bond by addiction. We are asking for 100 members to commit to a continued monthly contribution, you can select the category. Whether it’s the:
[email protected] $25.00 /month
[email protected] $50.00/ month
[email protected] $100.00/ month
We are requesting: 49 Believers,30 Bridgers and 20 Builders, really not a lot to contribute knowing that you are walking in God’s blessing and His favor is upon you. Think of the lives you will be changing with these contributions. We have one believer who has contribute $25.00/month for the past 2 years and she has been a true Blessing to this ministry Ms. Lea Nobles, this is why I know it can be done. Join her in seeding into the Kingdom; remember these men cannot do this alone and with your support we can help them help others. Coming to Nehemiah’s Wall of Crosby is giant step in their recovery; the choice is made by the resident not family. He has to want to be healed, yes I said healed; because addiction is a sickness just as any other physician diagnosed diseased. Now, you may be asking yourself“What’s in it for me?” I can answer that too. We are a 501 C 3 non-profit corporation and your contributions are tax deductions. All members will receive tax receipt once membership has been established. The joy and peace of knowing that you have helped to restore the foundation of man (kind) and build a strong family through  God’s grace and favor .Be an advocate for those who need your help. Be prepared to here from God, well done my good and faithful servant;thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord. (Matthew 25:23)
We also ask that you keep us in your continued prayers.
With Sincere Gratitude,
Sandra Francois-Murphy
Sandra Francois-Murphy Founder/CEO
Membership in the Nehemiah’s Wall of Crosby Corporation is tangible evidence of your support for the work that we do. As a member, you are playing a key role to support the recovery, health, faith and independence of those men, husbands and fathers who are bound by addiction.
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Membership Categories
Members are listed in and will receive a copy of our Annual Report, as well as our Quarterly Newsletter “The Wall’s Journey”. Your membership is tax deductible. All members will receive a tax receipt once membership has been established.
Monthly Membership Donation Categories (Please select one)
$25.00 Believers
$50.00 Bridgers
$100.00 Builders
Please accept this contribution in honor/memory of:
I am not interested in membership at this time, but please accept this contribution:
Method of Payment
Money Order
Make checks payable to Nehemiah’s Wall of Crosby Corporation
Nehemiah’s Wall of Crosby Corporation
ATT: Membership
P. O. Box 710950
Houston, Texas 77271
You can make donation online if preferred
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