Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby - The Program - Crosby, TX
Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby - "Restoring the Foundation of Man"

A Place for You to Grow

With open-mindedness, friendship and an uplifting message, Nehemiah's Wall of Crosby promises to be a home base for you to start your spiritual journey. We'll help you find the energy from within .

N.W.O.C is a 90-day learning center and provides a spiritual  environment  that teaches its residents how to live free from addiction . The program teaches that this freedom comes from a change of attitude, change of associates, a change of activities, and from living by the power of the Holy Spirit.
A 24-hour, drug recovery program for adult males, who have a chemical drug dependency. The program offers a freedom from drug addiction to those adults who meet the criteria for acceptance.
  • Respect for free Spiritual information given through the Word of God.
  • Personal desires  to be free from drugs.
  • Willing to submit to the 24-hour, 90-day monitoring system.
N.W.O.C. will not accept applicants who:
  • Are under a doctor's care for  psychological condition that is drug- related.
  • Exhibit the need for psychological help during the assessment interview.
  • HIV, positive or takes medication intravenously have hepatitis A, B, or C,**
  • Active TB**
  • No registered Sex Offender
  • Under the age of 18 years old 

N.W.O.C. Requirements for admission :
  • Must have blood test for :
  • HIV
  • Hepatitis A,B,C
  • TB skin test, if test positive; then Chest X-Ray
 Results can be Faxed to N.W.O.C. corp.  281-261-8504 attention  Sandra

  N.W.O.C provides the residents with an atmosphere that builds self-confidence and Godly image.  This well-rounded program is designed to help the user, the family members, and friends handle the mechanics of rebuilding their lives as they handle their day-to-day challenges.

N.W.O. C. prepares the residents for speedy integration into the social mainstream of his sphere of influence through instilling the Biblical principles for change
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